Saturday, June 16, 2012

Shark siren

I heard a long wailing sound, and thought that it might be the fabled shark siren I've heard about. In the mountain next to the beach there is an official "shark spotter" who radios down to the beach when they see the ominous shadow of a shark. The siren means that a shark has been spotted.

Ordinarily, the waves are littered with surfers. But when I arrived at the beach, this is what I saw.

No surfing
Sure enough, that sound was the shark siren, initiated by a helicopter that had flown over and observed a dark figure in the water. After about 30 minutes with no further sightings, the beach was declared safe once again (I guess "safe" is a relative term).

It didn't take much coaxing for these eager surfers to jump back in.

I guess I would compare it to Canadians going outback camping... where bears live.

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