Wednesday, June 13, 2012


One of the tutors here, Emma, organized a trip to see a rugby game. It was at Newlands Stadium, home of the South African team, Springbok (have you seen Invictus?).

The match was between the hometown Stormers (in blue) and the Cheetahs (in white), part of the Super Rugby league. I really don't understand the rules of the game. I guess I understand the general play, but I usually can't figure out what happened when play stops, eg. for a penalty. But one thing that transcends the rules... how tough the sport it. These guys run into each other, and they're big.

We joked that one of us visitors would stand up and yell "TOUCHDOWN!"

The Cheetahs almost made a come-back in the second half, but the Stormers won 16-14.


There was a fight during the match. Here it is.

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