Saturday, June 9, 2012

People from different countries

Cape Town has lots of different races. Whites, blacks, browns. The one notable exception is Asians... I don't see many of them here. Of course, I haven't done a systematic study; this is just what I've noticed.

A colleague was talking about Madagascar, and I thought I misheard him when he said "Malagasi". He did in fact say Malagasi... that's what you call people from Madagascar. And their names tend to be VERY long. For example, "Randriafanomezantsoa".

Someone from Botswana was also at the table. "Motswana" is the word for people from Botswana, where their language is Setswana.


It's also feels different having so many countries on one continent. I'm not sure why. I live in North America, where there are only 2 countries (excluding Mexico). So, if you're not from Canada, then you're either American or from overseas (I don't actually encounter many people from Mexico or other Central American countries). Here, all the students are from Africa, but from many different countries: Botswana, Ghana, Ethiopia, Sudan, Madagascar, Rwanda, Malawi, Nigeria, ...

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