Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Open-Book Exams

My class had its midterm exam today. It was open-book, so I allowed them to take their lecture notes, assignments and solutions, and 2 textbooks of their choosing. In the past, while describing this open-book policy to the class, I've mentioned that they can bring any book they want, even if it's not about image processing. And many of the students take it upon themselves to try to choose the most outlandish books they can think of.

This course I'm teaching is online; I don't lecture the students face-to-face. Instead, they watch pre-recorded videos. So I don't think I emphasized the "any-book-of-your-choosing" idea. But I was pleasantly surprised at today's midterm when I saw titles like Cooking for Geeks, The Dilbert Principle, some book on political science, and The Book of Mormon, among others.

Well played, students. Well played.

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