Saturday, October 2, 2010

Two victims overnight

Last night, Trish heard some squeaks.  We looked for mice, but found none near the kitchen garbage.  Then Trish heard Charlie (one of our cats) do his funny purr/meow.  She found both cats in the stairwell "playing" with a small grey mouse.  I captured it in a glass, and pitched it into the brush in our backyard.

Victim #1

This morning, we had just settled down to have our coffee in the livingroom, and Trish noticed a dead mouse on the rug.

Victim #2
(and Heather's finger, for scale reference)

That's two mice in less than 12 hours.


  1. Only two dozen more to go! Get busy kitties!

  2. Perhaps it was the one you put outside!??!!!!

  3. Yes, Tan. I was wondering the same thing. They look remarkably similar.