Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sidewards - an invented word

Here you see Lauchy sitting in a position that he calls "sidewards". That's not a word (not one that we use, at least), but it demonstrates the ability of a little person to apply learned linguistic rules to new situations.

Sidewards. Makes sense to me.

Oops, I just checked the dictionary. It says that "sidewards" is another word for "sideways". Hmm... maybe he's been reading the dictionary.


  1. Yes indeed there is such a word, from around the 1400's! First time I've seen it was the other day when I bought a CD titled "The river disappeared sidewards"

    I swear I read that title several times as sideWAYS, but when the CD came I happened to glance on the title and went hmmmm, sideWARDS???? I looked it up after thinking about how we have upwards, downwards, forwards, backwards, maybe sidewards is a real word instead of made up for the title.
    Sure surprised me!

  2. Hahahaa.. Just looked up "sidewards" as my "cockney" partner uses it a lot and I accused him of making it up- this made us both laugh, and me feel a little bit gutted that he was right!!! (Cute pic)