Saturday, March 13, 2010

U.S. court got it right, vaccines do not cause autism

Perhaps you've heard about the irrational anti-vaccination movement. Perhaps you've seen Jenny McCarthy preaching about how she followed her "mommy sense", and a (discredited) doctor, to the conclusion that some chemicals in vaccines cause autism. At least, that's the reality she "knows" in her own brain. And now she uses her celebrity to spread her nonsense to anyone who will listen; unfortunately that list includes Larry King and Oprah. It's particularly unfortunate for the hundreds of people that will die needlessly from vaccine preventable illness. Check out the Jenny McCarthy Body Count.

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The good news is that she's wrong. And science has shown it again and again. It's SO clear that even the courts are forced to side with science, despite a very vocal anti-vaccination movement. On Friday, a U.S. court ruled against a family's claim that thimerosal in the MMR vaccine caused their son's autism.

It's easy to spread ideas when you're famous. But knowing the difference between scientific truth and opinion... apparently that's not so easy for a Playboy bunny.

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