Friday, January 22, 2010

Synesthesia - kind of maybe

In the PSYCH 261 lecture today, the prof. mentioned synesthesia. It's a condition in which your sensory perceptions of objects become mixed. For example, some people see numbers as coloured, or automatically associate months with personalities. I'm not sure if I experience some of that or not; I expect everyone does to some extent.

Here is how I view the months of the year... every time I think about months, I see them arranged in this format.

I also used to associate emotions with letters and numbers (eg. f and 5 are angry, but b and 4 are calm), but that's faded somewhat over the years.

Anyone else?



  1. My old friend Cassidy has classic letter-colour synaethesia. See his awesome page on the subject. I also strongly recommend Ramachandran's excellent lecture "Purple Numbers and Sharp Cheese" from the 2003 BBC Reith Lectures (available streamed online).

  2. Thanks for the comment, isohedral. I saw Ramachandran speak at a conference once... very interesting. Cassidy's web page shows me how complex it can all be. Thanks for pointing that out.