Sunday, June 14, 2009

Stroller Diving

No, it's not a new sport. But I'm sure it looked pretty cool.

On Friday, I was pushing Addie in the stroller to drop her off at preschool. She likes me to run down this grassy hill. I've always been aware that it's a little dangerous. And Friday was the day it finally happened. The little front wheels of the stroller either hit a bump or fell into a little hole... and stopped dead. Naturally, our momentum just kept right on going. The stroller flipped forward and Addie toppled out. I had to jump a little -- and dive and roll -- to avoid landing on Addie and the stroller.

Luckily, the banana I had in my backpack was none the worse for wear. I can't say the same for the stroller. The next day, I discovered that a bit of the frame was bent. In the photo, that gray tube is supposed to be straight.

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