Thursday, June 4, 2009


Sometimes I just feel the urge for change. I'm lucky to have enough facial hair that I can claim to have a beard, because a beard is an easy thing to change. So, I recently decided to shave off my beard.

I've had it since, oh, I guess 2005. When I look back at pictures, I don't really like the way I looked. But, then again, I was somewhat heavier then and my clothing choices were uninspired (not that I'm a fashion-plate now, but I've improved). I ran the idea past Trish first, and she suggested that I stop at the goatee. So here we go....





  1. Very slick looking. I always thought you looked nice with a beard, but you look very nice with a goatee too. I was wondering if there was a meaning for the fiddleheads in the banner?

    Good job with your weight loss. Glad you find me inspiring. You never know who you might inspire...Once again congrats on the successful tenure application.

  2. No particular meaning to the fiddleheads and ferns. Except... I took those photos myself, and I like them. And, there happens to be a mathematical fractal fern (

  3. Pleased to see you didn't go all the way. An academic's beard is a sacred object. Even a skeptical one.