Friday, April 23, 2010

Dude time

The Orchard ladies went to a birthday party yesterday afternoon, so the dudes (Dinders and daddy) hung out and did guy stuff. We started by checking out the diggers next to campus, and then walked over to see the damage done by the fire.

We saw a fire truck.

Sure enough, Sugar Mountain was destroyed. Though, looking through the windows at the in-tact Simpsons mural, I can't help wondering if there is still lots of perfectly edible (if wet) candy in there.

One of the front-wheel assemblies fell off the stroller. You know... guy stuff.

We got pizza, frozen yogurt (OK, that wasn't so manly), Lauchy had a lollipop, and we finished off in Waterloo park looking at the animals. This lama looks like my country cuzin' Buck!

We had a great time. And Lauchy told mommy all about it at bed time, "i-keem" (icecream), "gabba" (candy), "pee-ta" (pizza).

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