Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Trish returned from her sewing class, which was held at Fabricland. She bought some fabric (go figure), as well as a few small sewing supplies. Then she asked me, "Guess how much it was." I said the first reasonable number than came to mind. Her jaw dropped to the floor as her eyes bugged out. I was exactly correct, right down to the penny.

OK, now don't freak out. Here's the full story.

A correct guess, right down to the penny, is very unlikely in general. But the reason she was asking me to guess is because the bill happened to be an integer dollar amount. Most people, when asked to guess a price, only give the dollars. That's what I did, and that narrows the number of options down by a factor of 100.

I didn't think it would be less than, say, $60. And I figured (hoped) it would be less than $100. So, given than I'm choosing an integer between 60 an 100, that leaves only 40 options. I guessed $98. NAILED IT!

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